Beating Heart

Can’t you see how my heart feels?

Come let me show you that my love is real

Lie beside me and feel it beating

How it rhythmically keeps repeating


I love you, I love you, I love you!


Once it starts, I lose control

My mind and body have one goal

And that’s to be with you each day

To express this warmth for you and say,


I love you, I love you, I love you!


Old Theme


Life is like wine,
at the beginning it is cloudy must
and the innkeeper
brings it to the table, laughing.

Later life turns good,
like the well-seasoned wine,
which is dark in the glass
but sparkles against the light.

In the end it becomes
vinegar, which loses its potency.
Lucky are those who die
without seeing those last days.

Nothing else is to be said.

Virgilio Giotti

Birth Order

Are you the middle child or maybe first born or only child? Wherever you are in the birth order it tells a lot about your personality. The natural tendency is for parents to push the oldest, while taking a more relaxed approach to later born children. As a father of three, I know that whether it was consciously or subconsciously each child was handled a little bit different. It seems that most of the parental mistakes were made with the first. When the second came along it seemed to be a little bit easier and with the third it seemed that we had the routine down pat. We were more relaxed thereby making our child more relaxed and laid back.

Recently the web site WebMD published some interesting facts about birth order. Did you know that of the first 23 American astronauts who made trips into space 21 were oldest or only children.

A survey by international organizations of CEOs found that 43% of CEOs were firstborn, 33% were middle borns, and 23% were last borns.

Another personality trait is that older siblings tend to be more perfectionists while younger ones tend to be more forgiving.

If you have time take the quiz (10 questions) to see if the answers match with your birth order.