Memories of You

Yesterday I found myself on a road driving south

And a landmark made me think of you.

I then thought of how in just a short time

I’ve built some nice memories of you.


Another landmark made me think of the comment you made

About how unobserving I was – and I started to laugh.

This just added to the feeling that I was not driving alone

But that you were there with me.


Since the day I drove you to Cape Cod,

I’ve had the urge to return there again.

I know how you said you liked being there,

So I went there for you, hoping to catch

That wonderful feeling I had just exploring with you.


You said you liked lighthouses

And I decided to find one.

And even though the day was cloudy,

Thinking of you made it sunny.


I used to have only memories from your neck of the woods,

But since you came to visit I now have reminders

Of when you were here.

I only have to travel a mile to see the places

Where we had breakfast and dinner,

And they too bring back good memories of the sweet you.


I don’t have to go far to be reminded of you.

I just have to turn my computer on

And I find some pictures that I took of you.

In the darkness of the subway station

Your smile brought brightness.


One look at that smile

And it has me immediately smiling back.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that

No matter where I turn I can feel you near.

I love the memories of you.