A Thanksgiving Prayer

I cannot start my day

Without thinking of you.

With my first breath I thank you Lord

For being there in everything I’ll do


I’m grateful for the four walls that shelter me

The roof above my head,

The water that I clean myself with,

And the nourishment received from your daily bread.


Today I’m thankful for the sun that shines,

The little bird who chirps so loud.

You seem to know all of what you created needs

I even welcome the refreshing rain from the puffy cloud.


You have been so good to me;

Many times I’ve taken things for granted

Forgive me Lord, for those times I’ve gone astray,

You made sure that I didn’t remain stranded.


The Psalmist had it oh so right when he wrote;

“His love and mercy endures forever.”

I’ll never match the love you have for me,

But with praise and gladness in my heart I will endeavor.




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